McGill Farmers’ Market

A weekly fall market and a gathering spot for students, faculty, and community members to discover healthy, local and sustainably produced foods.

Beatty Memorial Lecture Series

One of McGill’s signature annual events, the Beatty Memorial Lecture Series brings some of the world’s leading thinkers to campus for high-profile public talks.

The Shakespeare Lecture Series

A series of talks organized by Friends of the McGill Library about William Shakespeare and his works.

Indigenous Educational Series

A  series of lectures that provide the opportunity to explore, examine and promote a variety of issues concerning Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Human Rights Lecture Series

Organized by the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, this series bridges scholarly insights and the practical, lived realities of human rights concerns.

Integrated Management Symposium Series

Explore complex management and societal challenges through intimate conversations between prominent McGill academics and leading management practitioners.

A. Jean de Grandpré Speaker Series

The A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series is named in honour of McGill’s Chancellor Emeritus, an astute and visionary administrator known for his wisdom, clarity of thought, and persuasive logic.

Food for Thought

Lecture topics include diet and cancer, factory farming, immigration, and the future of Canada’s water. Current students and invited guests share their work and discoveries.

Anthropology Speaker Series

Led by anthropology experts from leading universities around the world, this series covers everything from psychiatric anthropology to land rights issues among hunter-gatherer tribes.

Art History and Communication Studies Speaker Series

A lecture series on art, communication, media, and museum practices that brings contemporary and often critical insight into the media-saturated world we live in today.

Birks Annual Lecture Series

An annual series discussing issues related to Religious Studies. The lectures are given by distinguished visitors, most recently Huston Smith, Northrop Frye and Wilfred Cantwell Smith.

G. Campbell Wadsworth Lectures

A bi-annual series on the life and works of John Calvin established by the Estate of Dr. G. Campbell Wadsworth, a keen student of the history and doctrine of the Reformation.