Events: Science

Freaky Fridays

McGill scientists bust myths and talk about the realities and misconceptions surrounding pressing science issues. Often followed by a topical Hollywood film.

Public Astro Night

A lecture on the wonders of the universe followed by night-sky observations with portable telescopes and (when possible) use of the McPherson rooftop Observatory.

Exhibitions at the Redpath Museum

Installations on themes like marine vertebrates, biodiversity, and world culture, with a special emphasis on local history. Includes an outdoor “garden” of Canadian minerals and fossils.

Food for Thought

Lecture topics include diet and cancer, factory farming, immigration, and the future of Canada’s water. Current students and invited guests share their work and discoveries.

Anna I. McPherson Lecture Series

A series of high-level lectures on topics related to physics research, including quantum computing, manipulating atoms, and the origin of life.

Macnamara Lecture

Held in honor of John Macnamara's (1929-1996) contributions to science and academia, this lecture discusses psychology with a particular emphasis on language and early cognition.

The Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium Series

One of McGill University's premier annual events, the Symposium features talks by renowned experts on topics of current public interest and attracts a large audience as well as extensive media attention.

Nature Walks, Talks and Tours

Explore nature in the city with a guided walking tour, discussion, or presentation hosted by the Redpath Museum of Natural History.


An educational outreach program designed to offer the public an insider's view of science. No science background is required, and each lecture includes a question and answer session.

Cutting Edge

Lectures bring together ‘cutting edge’ research across faculties to reflect on the past and future of our region and country's diverse biological, geological, and cultural heritage.

Sunday Discovery Workshops

A family-friendly science workshops covering a broad range of topics designed to inspire curiosity in young and old alike. Each workshop includes a hands-on craft.

Public Physics Matters Night

This series presents discussions on quantum and high energy physics and nonlinear, geo, bio and nano physics in a friendly format (no physics expertise necessary!).