About us

What is community engagement?

We recognize and embrace our role as a university to contribute to our communities.


Community engagement is about building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.  We build these relationships by understanding our differences but acting on our commonalities.

Together we contribute experiences, expertise and knowledge to make substantial differences in our communities locally, nationally and globally.


Our relationships are mutually beneficial with each party finding value in working together.


Engagement allows our students, professors and staff to become more aware and involved citizens. They use their learning, research and time to gain experience and improve the quality of community life.


Our differences are a source of innovation and inspiration. We welcome and value the knowledges, experiences and culture each person brings to our engagement activities.

Our team

Portrait of Carole Graveline

Carole Graveline
Community Engagement

How we can help

We build relationships between McGill and the people and organizations in our community. 


Assist you in identifying your research, training, hiring and expertise needs and match you with the appropriate people at McGill.


Direct you to resources available on campus that will help you find volunteer opportunities and classes that offer community engaged learning.


Facilitate the collaborative process between you and community partners with the goal of contributing to your research and the well-being of the community.