Downtown Campus

Nature — Downtown Montreal

McGill’s park-like downtown campus presents a wide mix of architectural styles, including imposing Gothic, Victorian, and Modern buildings. Their varied features (like stained glass, turrets, pitched copper roofs and distinctive silhouettes) are unified by the use of local grey limestone and a graciously landscaped central campus. Dotted with mature trees, punctuated with sculpture, and bordered by wide walkways, the campus’ spreading lawns are the perfect place to kick a ball, savor a cup of coffee, or just soak up the sun.

Depending on the day and season, you might also find outdoor events on campus (like the fall Farmers’ Market, a summer barbecue, or an impromptu snowball fight).

At any time of year, we invite you to join us for a guided historical tour or to explore points of interest in our self-guided tour brochure.

Other things to see and do


The island of Montreal’s only outdoor zoo, with more than 90 species to discover


The island of Montreal’s only outdoor zoo

Macdonald Outdoor Gym (TrekFit)

An outdoor gym featuring fun, challenging equipment and on-site move guides

Rutherford Museum

Ernest Rutherford's work at McGill earned him the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Today, the Rutherford Museum…

Molson Reserve

Fifty-one hectares of forest, woodland marshes, swamps and wetland, providing habitat for many wildlife and plant species

Macdonald Campus

McGill's waterfront Macdonald Campus occupies hundreds of hectares of greenspace near the western tip of Montreal Island

Redpath Museum

Visit the Redpath Museum for exhibits on the history of life and world cultures, as well as…

Gault Nature Reserve

A thousand hectares of primeval forest preserved for research and public enjoyment

Macdonald Outdoor Gym (TrekFit)

An outdoor gym featuring fun, challenging equipment and on-site move guides

McGill Athletic Facilities

Some of the finest recreation and athletics facilities in the country, offering a wide range of programs

McCord Museum of Canadian History

A museum dedicated to the preservation, study and appreciation of Montreal’s social history

Le Salon 1861

Universities, entrepreneurs, citizens, non-profits and businesses meet here to redefine how we work, live, and play together

Morgan Arboretum

A 245-hectare forested reserve open year-round with 25 km of scenic walking and cross-country ski trails

Watch varsity sports

McGill offers a wide variety of fun and competitive matches. You might even see a future Olympian!