McGill University Bicentennial 1821-2021

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On March 31, 2021 McGill University celebrated its 200th anniversary! To celebrate its Bicentennial, and to launch its 3rd century McGill has many projects and events planned.  One of the exciting projects is the Digital Time Capsule.  Over 50 of McGill’s top researchers answer the question: What will be the biggest change in your field over the next 25 years?  The time capsule videos need to be watched now because the clock is ticking.  At the end of 2021, the videos will be sealed and then slowly revealed over the next 10 years.  You can watch what McGill researchers put in their Digital Time Capsule on the playlist on McGill’s YouTube channel.

Please visit McGill’s Bicentenial website to learn more about McGill’s history and reflections on the future and the Bicentennial events page to find an interesting activity to attend.  In case you missed the launch of McGill’s celebrations, you can also watch Celebrate 200: Launching Our 3rd Century / Bicentenaire et lancement de notre troisième siècle here.

Other things to see and do

McGill Alumni – Virtual Events

Living and learning everyday.

Gault Nature Reserve

A thousand hectares of primeval forest preserved for research and public enjoyment


The island of Montreal’s only outdoor zoo, with more than 90 species to discover

McGill Athletic Facilities

Some of the finest recreation and athletics facilities in the country, offering a wide range of programs

Macdonald Outdoor Gym (TrekFit)

An outdoor gym featuring fun, challenging equipment and on-site move guides

Plant scavenger hunt

Solve riddles, find the plants, and take pictures.

A Dose of Science

Chatting about science

Sustainability YouTube channel

Be inspired by McGill’s path to sustainability

Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning – Guided tour

Using simulation technology to improve clinical care.

McGill Alumni – Virtual Events

Living and learning everyday.


Delve features the latest in management thinking.
listen to music

Schulich School of Music Playlist

Enjoy the sounds from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music

Alma Matters Podcast

Behind the scenes stories from decorated varsity alumni.

McGill Athletics – We live to move

Exercising with McGill trainers and students