Bernard Robaire honoured by Society for the Study of Reproduction

February 4, 2020  — 
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The Society For The Study Of Reproduction (SSR) unveiled its 2020 award winners today, honouring seven individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the scientific discipline of reproductive biology. Bernard Robaire, cross appointed in both the Departments of Pharmacology & Therapeutics; and Obstetrics & Gynaecology, was named recipient of the SSR Jansen Distinguished Service Award. The Jansen Award recognizes an individual for their unselfish service and leadership in advancing the discipline of reproductive biology.

Bernard Robaire

Robaire’s research interests focus on aging of the male reproductive system, male-mediated reproductive toxicology, mechanisms of androgen actions, and the structure, function, and regulation of the epididymis.

“The scientific research conducted by these seven biology scientists, physicians and professors have significantly advanced the science of reproduction, fertility and development,” said Saima Hedrick, executive director, SSR, “Their original research on a broad range of topics in the field of reproductive biology is helping lead us toward new discoveries, more mentorship opportunities and greater professionalism in the discipline.  Their work has improved the lives of millions of humans and animals.”

SSR supports the scientific study of reproductive processes in animals and humans. Pioneering scientific contributions from SSR members have been made in areas such as stem cell biology; transgenesis; treatment of infertility; contraception; livestock production; pregnancy health; treatment of reproductive system cancers; and identification of environmental contaminants.

The annual award program recognizes significant achievements and contributions to advancing the science of reproductive biology in research, academic scholarship, professional leadership, mentoring and service.  Award winners will be recognized at SSR’s 2020 annual conference in Ottawa, Canada from July 9–12.

For a description of each award winner’s achievements and contributions click here.

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Article courtesy of The McGill Reporter

Article courtesy of The McGill Reporter