Comment on Strengthening our Policy against Sexual Violence: A University-wide initiative by Zoe Christmas

February 4, 2019  —  Uncategorized

Mandatory education and training should not only be done with online modules. There should be harm reduction and bias training in small groups in each faculty, which would include students, staff and faculty members. This training could include sexual violence, rape culture and racism. Such a training should be administered by a non-McGill affiliated organization, such as COCo (Centre for Community Organizations). Having a training be done by a third party is crucial to make sure the training is unbiased and to make sure that we hit all the marks. This may be expensive at first, but I think it is worth it. Once all students/staff/faculty are trained, the focus would only be on new/first-year students moving forward. Staff and faculty could be re-trained every 3 years, for example.
I have suggested this to the Faculty of Law a handful of times, but have not yet heard back from them.