Go ahead, rain on our parade: March of 1,000 Umbrellas kicks off Centraide campaign

October 4, 2018  —  Uncategorized
Armed with red and white umbrellas and fresh bagels, members of the McGill community get ready to join the March of 1,000 UmbrellasOwen Egan

Undaunted by the rain, cheery members of the McGill community, carrying red and white umbrellas, gathered in front of the Arts Building, in support of Centraide McGill. The March of the Umbrellas launches the annual Centraide fundraising campaign. McGill’s Centraide Campaign 2018 runs until the end of December, with a fund raising target of $500,000.

Eyal Baruch, a McGill Centraide veteran, brought bagels for the troops. Baruch is organizing badminton and ping pong tournaments to support Centraide in Athletics, where he is Facilities Manager.

“It’s a great cause,” says Dilson Rassier, Co-Chair of the McGill Centraide Campaign, and Dean of the Faculty of Education. “Centraide funds 350 organizations that help one in seven people across Montreal. Centraide keeps administrative costs low, so donations go directly to meet the needs of families and individuals.”

Montrealers hit the street

McGill’s contingent went off to join some 20,000 other marchers, from all manner of public and private organizations and institutions, at Place du Canada. The March of the Umbrellas ends at the Quartier des Spectacles.

From now until the end of December there will be a host of activities all over campus, organized by McGill’s 25 member Centraide Committee.

There will be Trivia Games, Bake Sales, Pop Up Shops, and 50/50 Draws (everyone makes a donation-half the pot goes to Centraide and the other half to the winner), to name but a few.

A few dollars can impact someone’s life

Members of the McGill community will also be receiving information about contributing to Centraide via automatic payroll deductions – one of the easiest and most convenient ways to support Centraide.

Here are some examples of what is done with your donation:

  • For $50, 10 seniors receive a hot meal at home.
  • For $100, a teenager is guided by a mentor for six months.
  • For $365, 14 newly arrived immigrant families receive personalized support and followup.

For more information you can email the McGill campaign organizers at centraide2018@mcgill.ca.

You can donate here.

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Article courtesy of The McGill Reporter

Article courtesy of The McGill Reporter