Program Type Partnerships with community groups

International Volunteer Day

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, McGill wishes to highlight organization, staff, and student contributions.

Covid-19 and the Black lives Movement

Surveying Quebec English speaking Black young adults to understand their well-being at the intersection of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Movement.

Colors of Covid

Race-based data on Covid-19 allows government to respond equitably to its citizens
Medical students

CHASM Incubator

Students using an incubator model to solve targeted health problems in the community.

Eagle Spirit Camp

Through Eagle Spirit camp, McGill students create a university experience for Indigenous youth to help them discover options for their academic advancement and future careers.

Kibale Project

The Kibale Project saves Ugandan children’s lives by treating and preventing disease, and breaks down barriers between local communities and conservation efforts.

School of Music Montreal

A non-profit offering free musical training to disadvantaged children through individual workshops and group classes.

On-site Bachelor of Education in Inuit Communities

McGill’s Faculty of Education provides students living in First Nations communities with the opportunity to obtain a B.Ed without relocating to Montreal.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis provides individual support and advocacy as well as community organizing services to improve the quality of life of Montreal's most vulnerable residents.

McGill Centraide Campaign

The entire university - faculty, students and staff - pitches in each year to help vulnerable populations in and around Montreal

Farm to School

City kids visit a real farm to learn about the environment and how food is produced

Jim Lund Dental Clinic & Mobile Dental Clinics

Free dental services offered to low-income and homeless Montrealers who don’t have access to dental insurance