AstroMcGill Outreach Group


McGill astrophysicists and cosmologists have greatly advanced our understanding of the mysteries of the universe through their work in the acclaimed Department of Physics and McGill Space Institute.

AstroMcGill feeds our fascination with the stars by bringing their expertise to schools, CEGEPS and other groups with a range of talks and activities. Topics covered include:

  • Exoplanets – like Earth but orbiting different suns
  • Dark matter and dark energy – more than meets the eye
  • Astrobiology – could there be life out there somewhere?

Through the Adopt-an-Astronomer program, schools can see the same scientist for several visits over the course of the school year. This allows students to build a rapport with ‘their’ scientist and lets them explore topics in greater detail.

For more information, see the AstroMcGill Facebook page.