BrainReach North is an online science-education resource with lesson guides, activities, and other tools to introduce active and relatable neuroscience modules into existing science curricula. Developed and run by a dedicated, enthusiastic team of neuroscience graduate students at McGill University,  the program is designed to share the excitement of scientific discovery with students in remote communities. Students and teachers also have the chance to connect with professional scientists in Montreal, providing a direct link with the broader scientific community..

Online resources include:

  • Complete plans for activities to stimulate curiosity and connect science with everyday life
  • Ideas for hands-on projects that reinforce understanding, analysis, and research skills
  • Videos to illustrate neuroscience topics and projects
  • “Meet the researcher” videos, providing a personal connection to topics and a clearer understanding of how scientific research is conducted
  • Direct contact (over the Web) with BrainReach experts to answer teacher and student questions, both before and after exercises

All of the resources are available free of cost. The program is adaptable to the needs of students in grades 2 through 8 and designed to accommodate a variety of classrooms and learning environments.

For more information, see the BrainReach North website.