Medical students

The first of its kind, CHASM (Community Health and Social Medicine) Incubator takes the most innovative aspects of startup culture and blends them into a practical, project-based model.  Students with initiatives that address public-health issues among marginalized populations apply to be part of the CHASM Incubator.  Approved student initiatives are awarded up to $1,000 in seed funding.  The students receive mentorship to help grow their project and develop a targeted plan to address specific community needs.  CHASM then matches the students with a local community organization to move the project forward.

Since its inception, CHASM has partnered with over 40 student innovators, 50 mentors, and 20 community groups to bring 9 projects to life.  Anyone can apply, and past winners have included the student-led initiative Supporting Young Black Students  which offers mentorship to young black Montrealers to increase their representation in healthcare programs and Monthly Dignity, which provides menstrual hygiene products to women in need.

See CHASM Incubator’s website to learn more about their work and to apply for your own project.