The Faculty of Engineering is engaged and committed to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive McGill community. The E-IDEA initiative leads these efforts and addresses all stages of the student and staff lifecycle, from elementary and secondary school levels to university-recruitment, support and retention, workforce diversity, and professional wellbeing. By practicing a more equitable approach to engineering education and interpersonal relations, they are dedicated to becoming a better McGill: a more inclusive, adaptive, responsive, and prepared McGill. E-IDEA supports our community’s investment in building capacity to navigate current and future real-world problems through an equity-based lens.

To render science more equitable and inclusive for Indigenous and marginalized youth, the E-IDEA team has designed a youth action & outreach program. Since 2017, the Faculty of Engineering has partnered with the Kahnawake Survival School. Together, they have created multiple projects to develop hands-on pedagogy, introduce guest speakers, and build and maintain relationships with teachers, school support staff, community organizations, stakeholders, and services at McGill.

With support from NSERC’s 2021 PromoScience grant, the project continues to grow, introducing the three-year Action xDesign project. Combining in-class, out-class and individual support, McGill and Kahnawake Survival School create opportunities for students to work with McGill volunteers to create a Science Fair Project and attend the ChangeMakers Annual Youth Conference. Grade 10 and 11 students are given opportunities to develop their careers through paid positions, training, and workshops.

Visit E-idea’s website to learn more about the program.