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McGill University professor Andrew Gonzalez teamed up with Professors Jérôme Dupras (UQO), and Christian Messier (UQAM) to launch Habitat (formerly named eco2urb).  Their mission is to increase the resilience of ecosystems to extreme climate events or invasions by exotic species while also maintaining most of the functions and services that society expects and depends upon.

They have worked on several exciting projects:

David Suzuki Foundation

Habitat evaluated the role of natural infrastructure in the Montreal Metropolitan Community in diminishing flood risk and reducing urban heat-islands, and recommended areas for conservation of biodiversity.


They worked with Sépaq to promote the development of tourist activities while protecting the wolf populations in two of Québec’s national parks Mont-Tremblant and Aiguebelle.

City of Gatineau

Habitat surveyed the current and future threats to the city’s tree cover and green spaces and provided the city with a strategy to diversify its urban forest.

For more information, you can visit the Habitat website.