Elimu Community Library Online Tutoring Program


Together with the Elimu Community Library in Kenya, McGill students have established a Skype-based online tutoring program for high school students in Kirinyaga. This program allows both Kirinyaga and McGill students to expand their horizons and gain exposure to new people and environments.

The rural youth in Kirinyaga do not have easy access to computers or adequate after-school support systems. This exemplifies the widening digital divide between poor and rich countries, and also between rural and urban areas. Through the support of donations and the help of Mcgill student interns, the Elimu library was able to purchase and set up five desktop computers, along with an Internet connection.

The tutoring program allows McGill student volunteers to help support education initiatives, and thus contribute to social development in Kirinyaga. McGill is home to numerous students who are interested in international development, as evidenced by the large size of the International Development Studies (IDS) program. For these students, and others interested in the field of international development, being exposed to the lives and challenges of those in rural areas and in the developing world can be an incredibly valuable experience.

For more information, see the Elimu Program website.