Homework Zone (HZ) matches McGill student volunteers with elementary school students in underserved neighbourhoods for after-school mentoring and homework help. The program involves schools from the Lester B. Pearson and English Montreal school boards, and volunteers come from every faculty and nearly all of the 150 countries represented by McGill’s diverse student body.

Homework Zone creates a friendly space where students can challenge themselves and nurture positive relationships within an academic environment. The first half of each 90-minute session is dedicated to educational support (like doing homework, problem solving and reading), while the second half features imagination-based activities and workshops offered by the volunteers or by community groups. These focus on creativity, expression and building relationships.

The program has the following mandate:

  • Complement the education students receive in class by:
    • helping students keep up with their schoolwork
    • creating a deeper connection between students and their school
  • Create a personalized learning experience by:
    • building a better understanding of school expectations
    • balancing these expectations with activities that let each child express their interests and talents
  • Provide academic and personal role models by:
    • showing students what life can be like if they continue their education
    • encouraging students to think of themselves as lifelong learners

For more information, see the Homework Zone website.