International Volunteer Day


Dear members of the McGill Community,

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, McGill wishes to highlight organization, staff, and student contributions on the McGill in the Community website. If you would like to be featured, please share your volunteer experience using the following form. 

We thank all of those that take the time to volunteer, day after day, despite a busy schedule. It’s thanks to you that important projects come to life and grow. 

McGill encourages everyone to volunteer. You can find organizations that are low-commitment (1-2h a week), online, or take place over the summer. Volunteering for a cause that is important to you will not only help the community prosper, but also teach you unique skills and experiences that will glow on your resume. You will also meet like-minded people that you can connect and grow your network with.

To get started, you will find organizations that are currently recruiting on the Volunteer Opportunities in Peter-McGill Document, and on the McGill in the Community Website. 

Thank you once again for your help, and happy Volunteer Day !