Let’s Talk Science Outreach


Let’s Talk Science provides a collection of hands-on educational activities that take science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) beyond the classroom. The program connects educators and youth with community volunteers to deliver a wide variety of meaningful learning experiences in both academic and community settings.

Activities include team-based science competitions as well as hands-on workshops, such as:

  • Fantastic Electrostatics (covering physics concepts like positive and negative charges and electrons).
  • Candy Rocks and pH Testing (a chemistry course about solutions, compounds, crystallization, acids and bases).
  • Crime Lab (featuring forensic science: fingerprinting, gel electrophoresis, DNA fingerprinting).
  • Marshmallow Towers (teaching engineering concepts like strong shapes, forces, gravity, and construction materials).
  • 3D Shapes and One-Cut Origami (a geometry workshop about patterns and angles).

See the Let’s Talk Science McGill website for more information.