On-site Bachelor of Education in Inuit Communities


In this innovative program, students obtain a McGill degree while completing their coursework in Listuguj, a First Nations community along the Quebec-New Brunswick border. Better still, students don’t just physically remain in their communities: the whole philosophy of their education is rooted in the Mi’gmaq culture, taught by Mi’gmaq instructors in the Mi’gmaq language. The program reflects an indigenized approach to the traditional curricula given on campus, designed to represent Indigenous culture, values, and perspectives on learning.

The program admits students ranging from early 20’s to 50 years and up who live in either Listuguj, Gesgapegiag or Ugpi’Ganjig –  predominantly Mi’gmaq communities located on the Bay of Chaleur. To make sure that the program continues to grow and evolves with the needs of its students, an on-site coordinator with the Listuguj Department of Education works closely with McGill’s Office of First Nations and Inuit Education in the Faculty of Education.

Although there have been other in-community degree programs on Canadian reserves, this is Canada’s first on-site Bachelor of Education program and is unprecedented in its approach to providing an integrated, culturally relevant degree.

For more information, see the Faculty of Education Website.