The fascination of physics knows no boundaries for McGill’s Department of Physics faculty. Each year, they travel to (or invite students from) classrooms across Montreal and Quebec to share their passion with students from primary school through CEGEP.

Among Physics Outreach’s most popular programs, the “Astronaut Training Series” brings McGill professors and students together to learn about the physics of light, gravity, thermal conductivity, materials and space. Physics Outreach also offers a broad variety of on-demand talks and lectures, from a “rough guide to the universe” to Newton’s Laws, prepared by professors and researchers to share their particular interest with any audience.

To encourage a long-term engagement with physics and scientific methods in the classroom, the group partners with local schools and school boards to offer the Teachers Inquiry Institute each spring. his annual conference joins primary school teachers with McGill faculty to discuss inquiry-based methods for teaching physics concepts to students.

For more information, see the Department of Physics Website.