Founded in the mid-1970s by McGill University social work professor Jim Torczyner, Project Genesis is a non-profit organization situated in the multi-ethnic Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood of Montreal. Started as a modest drop-in center known as “the Storefront,” Project Genesis was created to help local residents better understand and defend their rights with free legal information, advocacy and referrals.

Project Genesis has since expanded to offer in-home advocacy services, support for community organizers, and public activism related to social and economic rights. The organisation takes a comprehensive approach to social justice by combining individual support with services that empower local residents to address the issues underlying individual challenges (most importantly, poverty and lack of access to affordable quality housing).

McGill’s link with Project Genesis has persisted over the years in the form of co-curricular opportunities that invite students to contribute their knowledge and energy as volunteers, advocates, and board members.

For more information, see the Project Genesis website.