SEI Impact Internships


An “impact internship” does more than allow students to pursue their educational and career goals outside of the classroom; it contributes to social justice and creates positive change. Social Economy Initiative (SEI) Impact Internships provide top undergraduate students at the Desautels Faculty of Management with the chance to bring their skills and passion to local, national, and international not-for-profit groups.

The internships, which are held in the spring and summer months, allow students to spend 10 weeks immersed in their organization’s work. This lets the partner organizations take full advantage of their students’ energy and expertise, while students have the opportunity to develop into proactive, confident collaborators.

Past partner organizations have included:

  • Artistri Sud, an organization that provides training to women entrepreneurs to help them create sustainable businesses in developing countries.
  • Axcs, a Montreal not-for-profit dedicated to eliminating physical barriers and improving quality of life for people with reduced mobility.
  • Tyndale St-Georges, a community centre offering empowering programs and support services in South-West Montreal.
  • Share the Warmth, a support organization feeding, employing, and educating vulnerable Montrealers.
  • Made in Montreal, an organization dedicated to strengthening the Montreal economy by promoting and supporting a culture of manufacturing, buying, and hiring locally.
  • Equitas, a global not-for-profit that works with human rights defenders, educators, policy-makers, and youth to promote human rights and combat inequality

For more information, see SEI Impact Internships on the Desautels Faculty of Management site.