Self-Injury Outreach and Support


Self-injury is shrouded in myths and misconceptions, and stigma surrounding the condition can be a very real barrier to coping and recovering. Yet as many as one in five adolescents and young adults are affected by the urge to self-injure.

Self-injury Outreach and Support (SiOS) is a non-profit outreach initiative, led by psychologists at McGill and the University of Guelph who specialize in self-injury. Through their website, SiOS provides a wealth of information and resources for those affected by self-injury and those who want to help.

Visit the site to find:

  • personal stories of those who have lived with the condition and recovered.
  • strategies for coping with immediate urges and overcoming self-injury in the long term.
  • advice for those who want to help a loved one affected by self-injury.

For more information and to access SiOS’ services, see the Self-injury Outreach and Support site.