“Spaghetti Nights” Family Workshops


There are many programs out there to help children with their homeworkincluding McGill’s Homework Zone Afterschool Mentoring Programbut what about programs for parents who want to be more engaged, prepared, and supportive of their children?

Spaghetti Nights are held in several Montreal elementary schools, and always begin with a free spaghetti dinner for the whole family. After dinner, parents take part in an interactive 2-hour workshop facilitated by family educators from McGill and the Montreal area. The workshop topics vary, and are based on suggestions from the parents themselves.

Past workshops have included:

  • Creating a home environment that fosters learning and academic achievement.
  • Tools and strategies for parents (and guardians) to help with homework.
  • Financial planning for secondary and post-secondary 

To make the workshops accessible to all parents, the program also offers free daycare and public transit tickets. Spaghetti Nights are put on as a collaboration between the Branches Program at McGill and the Riverview Community Learning Centre (CLC).

For more information, see the Spaghetti Nights section  of the Branches website.